He's on an important mission
(besides growing our tea) 

Meet Mr. Nakai

Mr. Nakai's family have growing tea in Wazuka, the region in southern Kyoto prefecture which supplies the famed tea shops of Uji, for over 350 years. 


His commitment to continuing his family's legacy of producing the finest matcha, sencha and gyokuro is astonishing, but there is much more to Mr. Nakai's mission than that.

His father, after decades of managing the family farm, was found to have high levels of pesticides and other chemicals in his blood.


This alarming experience was the trigger for an event that made history in the region: the Nakai's pledged to stop use of all chemicals in their tea production... to establish one of the first organic tea estates of the modern era in Japan.

Pioneering organic tea farming in Japan

This was revolutionary at the time. Use of artificial pesticides and fertilizers had been standard practice in Japan for years, as it still is. But the Nakai's didn't see why something as naturally beneficial to health as green tea should be compromised by the addition of chemicals.


It took many, difficult years to rehabilitate the land on the estate, with several failed harvests, before finally the land naturally adjusted and became productive again - this time, with no chemicals.

The Nakai's did not stop there: they went on to spearhead the development of the Japan Organic & Natural Foods Association (JONA). Their family legacy is now felt throughout Japan and beyond.

Kyoto Teahouse is privileged to work with Mr. Nakai to bring you the Premium Culinary Grade matcha produced on his estate.


Premium Culinary Grade



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